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System language select
Click on the country code and the system is runing with the localized strings. (This does NOT affect the user content but only the system itself).

Click on one of the following languages: de [en]

Your language is missing? No problem, simply copy the following text into a file called [yourCountryCode].lng, translate the strings and store it in the /ini/ directory. Then it will be available for selection on this page. Please provide your language file to others by sending it to me (contact on the bottom of this page). Thanks!
;    labsystem.m-o-p.de - 
;                    the web based eLearning tool for practical exercises
;    Copyright (C) 2010  Marc-Oliver Pahl
;    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;    any later version.
;    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;    GNU General Public License for more details.
;    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;    along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

;; Contains the localized Strings that are used in the system.
;; You can easily localize here:
;;   - Name the file appropriately (e.g. de.lng) then and change the entry in the  config*.ini
;;   - Just translate all the Strings you find below.

Content-Language   = "en" ; take an international language identifier since it is used inside the html header!

DateFormat         = "r" ; formatstring for all dates (-> php-function date() )

newTicket          = "open new support ticket"

;; strings that have to be present for each element ***************************************************
pNumber             = "page number "
mNumber             = "multiple choice number "
iNumber             = "input number "
cNumber             = "collection number "
lNumber             = "lab number "
sNumber             = "schedule number "

;; manage.php
pManageTitle        = "pages - administration"
mManageTitle        = "multiple choices - administration"
iManageTitle        = "inputs - administration"
cManageTitle        = "collections - administration"
lManageTitle        = "labs - administration"
sManageTitle        = "schedules - administration"

;; Which menu should be highlighted when the appropriate manage page is shown?
pManageMnuEntry     = "elements"
mManageMnuEntry     = "elements"
iManageMnuEntry     = "elements"
cManageMnuEntry     = "elements"
lManageMnuEntry     = "elements"
sManageMnuEntry     = "elements"

;; These notes will appear on top of the manage pages
pManageNote         = "" ;- empty note -
mManageNote         = ""
iManageNote         = ""
cManageNote         = "" 
lManageNote         = ""
sManageNote         = ""
showScheduleNote    = "You can find the <a href=\"../pages/accessibleLabs.php?__LINKQUERY__\">module descriptions here</a>."
AccessibleLabsNote  = "You can find the <a href=../pages/view.php?address=s1&amp;__LINKQUERY__>schedule here</a>." ; appears on top of the accessibleLab.php page.

;; These note will appear on top of the export_import_lab page
lExportImportNote   = "" ;- empty note -

;; prefixes that will be put in front of any (pre)lab paragraph ***************************************
; e.g. element 1.3.5 will get lPrefixLab.1.3.5
lPrefixPreLab       = ""                        ;; appears on the lab's TOC before the prelab's title
lPrefixLab          = ""                        ;; appears on the lab's TOC before the lab's title

;; explanation of the user roles **********************************************************************
;; user role explanation (found in ../include/user_roles.inc)
Explain_UR_1        = "is logged in"                                        ; IS_USER
Explain_UR_2        = "is able to set the userrights"                       ; IS_USER_RIGHTS_EDITOR
Explain_UR_4        = "is able to edit contents"                            ; IS_CONTENTS_EDITOR
Explain_UR_8        = "is available as mail supporter from the email-menu"  ; IS_MAIL_SUPPORTER
Explain_UR_16       = "is able to send to all users specified next"         ; IS_ALL_MAILER
Explain_UR_32       = "available from the mail2 interface"                  ; IS_MAIL_RECEIVER
Explain_UR_64       = "is able to make schedules"                           ; IS_SCHEDULER
Explain_UR_128      = "is able to mark the closed labs"                  ; IS_CORRECTOR
Explain_UR_256      = "is able to view the example solutions"               ; IS_EX_SOLUTION_VIEWER
Explain_UR_512      = "is able to administrate users at the uai"            ; IS_DB_USER_ADMIN (only necessary if you use the uai)
Explain_UR_1024     = "is able to edit and create config, css, menu files in the uai" ; IS_CONFIG_EDITOR (only necessary if you edit configs in the uai)
changeRightsInThisTabOnly = "Change user rights in this TAB only."

;; page titles ****************************************************************************************
TitleLogInPage      = "Login page"
TitleUserRightsPage = "User rights - administration"
titleSchedules      = "All schedules"
titleSendMail       = "Here you can send mails..."
titleMyRightsPge    = "myRights"

; uaMyData.php
titleUaMyData       = "Change your data"
titleUaMyPW         = "Change your password"
titleUaUnPwRem      = "Get reminder eMail with username and password"
titleUaManageUsr    = "Manage the users"
titleUaCreateUsr    = "Create users"

; register.php
titleRegister       = "Registering for the course"

;; menu entries ***************************************************************************************
; login.php
MnuEntryLogIn       = "log in"
MnuEntryLogOut      = "log out"

; manageUser.php
MnuEntryUserRights  = "user rights"   ;; must be the same as in the menu file for proper highlighting

; myRights.php
MnuEntryMyRights    = "my rights"

MnuEntryMyStatistics = "my statistics"
MnuEntrySendMail     = "send mail"
MnuEntryCourseContent= "Course Content"

mnuEntryPrelab2Fin  = "&raquo;! all questions" ; appears under the prelab section if the prelab is not finished
mnuEntryPrelabFin   = "&raquo; all questions" ; same as above but prelab finished
mnuEntryPreLabStats = "&raquo; prelab status"
mnuEntryLab2Fin     = "&raquo;! all questions"
mnuEntryLabFin      = "&raquo; all questions"
mnuEntryLabStatus   = "&raquo; lab status"

; uaMyData.php
MnuEntryUaMyData    = "myData"
MnuEntryUaMyPW      = "myPassword"
MnuEntryUaUnPwRem   = "getPassword"
MnuEntryUaManageUsr = "manage users"
MnuEntryUaCreateUsr = "create users"
MnuEntryUaUsrRights = "user rights"

; register.php
MnuEntryRegister    = "register"

; choseSysLng.php
MnuEntrySysLng      = "system language"
TitleSysLngSelect   = "System language select"
AvailableLng        = "Click on one of the following languages"
NoteChooseSysLng    = "Click on the country code and the system is runing with the localized strings. (This does NOT affect the user content but only the system itself)."
NoteCreateOwnLng    = "Your language is missing? No problem, simply copy the following text into a file called [yourCountryCode].lng, translate the strings and store it in the /ini/ directory. Then it will be available for selection on this page. Please provide your language file to others by sending it to me (contact on the bottom of this page). Thanks!"

; s
MnuEntrySchedule    = "schedule"

; edit
MnuTitleEdit        = "edit"
MnuEntryElements    = "elements"
MnuEntryStyleSheet  = "edit css"
MnuEntryXIport      = "import | export"
MnuEntryEditMenu    = "edit menu"
MnuEntryEditConfig  = "edit config"
cloneThisElement    = "Clone this element"

;; sysinfos ******************************************************************************************
DataHasBeenSaved    = "The data has been saved."

dataOf              = "Data of "                ;; In title row when a marker views someones data (followed by user's name)
showAllUADesc       = "all users"               ;; Follows to the previous if the user views all user's data.

; sendMail.php
MailHasBeenSent     = "The mail has been sent."

;; sysalerts *****************************************************************************************
; authenticate.php
AlertWrongUsrPw     = "You could not be authenticated (username and/ or password might be wrong)!"

; sendMail.php
NoReceiver          = "Your mail has no receiver!"

; saveFile.php
errorOpeningFile    = "There was an error opening the file!" ;; ../php/saveFile.php
errorWritingFile    = "There was an error writing the file!" ;; ../php/saveFile.php

; delete.php
deleted             = "was deleted..."

; uaMyPWSave.php
uaPwRetypeMismath   = "Password and retype don't match!"
uaPwTooShort        = "Your password is too short!"
uaUsrNameTooShort   = "Your username is too short!"
uaMailInvalid       = "Your mailAddress is invalid!"
uaSurNameEmpty      = "Please provide name and surname!"
uaAsUsrNmeIsUsedBy  = "as username is already used by"
uaNotBelong2Usr     = "was not found. It does not belong to any user here..."

;unsaved changes
discardChangesWarning = "You are about to leave this page without saving your changes... sure?"

NotAllowedSaveLockAt= "You are not allowed to save this answer as the lock is at " ;; If the lock got placed on another answer this is not savable anymore.
LockTakenFrom       = "The lock was taken from input" ;; " [idx of input]" gets added
MoveLockHere1       = "The lock is currently set to question"
MoveLockHere2       = "You can force the lock to this question by clicking the button."
MoveLockHere3       = "Move it here to allow answering"
InputAlreadyClosed  = "The input is already closed!"
noiLockNote         = "Your team has currently opened another question for answering. Please work together on formulating the answers." ; when saving a not opened answer this text is added before the new and then the old answer.
;i upload
noFilesYet          = "No files uploaded yet."
fileList            = "List of uploaded files"
deleteFile          = "Delete selected files"
upload              = "Upload files"
hasFileUpload       = "Activate attach files option (file upload)"
options             = "Options"
answered            = "answered"
corrected           = "marked"
edited              = "edited"
correctionSaved     = "saved"

pleaseSelect 		= "Please select..."
didNotSelectCategory= "You did not select a ticket category."

; Alerts provided saving scripts
NotAllNecValPosted  = "Not all necessary values were posted to the script!" ; This should only happen when someone tries to hack a script.
NotAllowedToMkCall  = "You are not allowed to make this call!"              ; Happens for example if a saving script is called by someone having not enough rights.

;; syswarnings ***************************************************************************************
noAddressPosted     = "No address= posted!"
elementNotExist     = "The element doesn't exist!"

notAllNecPosted     = "Not all necessary values are posted!"

notAllowed          = "You are not allowed to do this!"

;; c element parser warnings *************************************************************************
parseErrNotNum      = "<<<ERROR<<<: [id][num] [num] IS NOT NUMERICAL!"
parseErrIdNotEx     = "<<<ERROR<<<: [id][num] [id] ID NOT EXISTING!"
parseErrNumNotEx    = "<<<ERROR<<<: [id][num] [num] ELEMENT WITH NUM NOT EXISTING!"

;; notes *********************************************************************************************
; login.php
TxtLogInPage        = "This is the login page. If you are a participant of the <i>__SYSTEMTITLE__</i>, you can log in here..."
NoteLogInPage       = "<b>You forgot your password and/ or your username?</b><br />You want to change your data?<br /><br />&nbsp;No problem, just follow the <a href='__LINK2ADMIN_USER_INTERFACE__' target='_blank'>link</a>..."
StayLoggedIn        = "Stay logged in"

; manageUsers.php
NoteUserRightsPage  = "<b>Other settings</b> might be done at the <a href='__LINK2ADMIN_USER_INTERFACE__' target='_blank'>user administration page</a>...<br />If you move your mouse cursor over the <b>black arrows</b> you get an <b>explanation</b> of the checkbox on its left.<br /><b>Changes to your account</b> will take effect if you activate them in &quot;my rights&quot; or if you log out and in again."

;; myRights.php
myRightsNote        = "On this page you can set your current rights (e.g. to disable editors menu elements <b>temporarily</b>).<br />You can come back to this page and reenable your rights later..."

labStatusNote       = "" ;; appears on the lab status page
NoteStatusALLLabs   = "Below you find the <b>statistics of all labs</b>."

youCanClickOn       = "You can click on"
toReOpenTheLab      = "to reOpen this lab..."
toCloseTheLab       = "to close this lab... To become able to reOpen a lab you have to make a schedule first!"

labCloseNote        = "If you click this button all your <b>answers will be closed</b>. You can not answer anymore but we can start to mark."
prelabCheckNote     = "Click this button to get all <b>given answers above marked</b>. Unanswered questions are <b>marked by the <img src='../syspix/button_edit_13x12.gif' />-icon</b> and <b>will not be checked</b>.<br />Remember: only if all prelab questions are answered correctly (row turns green) by all teammates (or you had too much attempts) the lab will get accessible.<br />The total amount of answering attempts is: "
prelabStatusNote    = "Below you find a list of all members that finished the prelab. The list is <b>ordered by</b> the <b>time</b> the user <b>finished</b> the prelab."

uniqueIDnote        = "This Identifier is used when you export the lab. It must be unique for each lab as it is used to check the lab into the svn. It is a good idea to use a prefix for your institution followed by an ID for this ly like TUM-ILAB1-BASICS. Note: if you change this ID and export the module it will be exported under the new ID that has no relation to the old ID."
uploadMaterialNote  = "Here you can upload and deletes images and other files you want to use in the lab. They get stored in the folder importFilesDir (specified in the configuration) / uniqueID (specified above)."
imageUploadHeader   = "<u>Images</u> should be uploaded here:"
fileUploadHeader    = "<u>Other files</u> should be uploaded here:"
abstractNote        = "This abstract is shown on the lab index page and inside the index on the labsystem course server. It should give a short abstract of the course module (lab)."

; uaMyData.php
uaMyDataNote        = "Here you can change your personal data.<br />Provide a <b>valid mailAddress</b> to be able to receive roundmails, new passwords etc."
uaMyPwNote          = "Here you can change your password."
uaUnPwRemNote       = "As member you can receive a mail with your login <b>username</b> and a <b>new password</b> from this page.<br />Just enter the mailaddress you provided to the system."
uaManageUsrNote     = "You can edit the user's by clicking on them. (You have to be able to mark for that!).<br />You can change the subsciptions to the courses here."
uaCreateUsrNote     = "You can create new users here by pasting a CSV below.<br />The first row is the header row. You must <b>insert the field names given below at the right positions</b> in you CSV header!<br>After submitting you get a preview on the parsed data.<br>The users will get the mail address as user name and no password.<br />Their dataset is incomplete and they are supposed to <b>request username and password from the reminder page</b> and to change/ enter their data after that.<br/>Normally the <b>self registration over register.php</b> should be the method of choice as it directly fills all data."
uaNewUsrsSubscript  = "The new users will have these subscriptions."
uaUnassignedNote    = "You have currently registered for a course and <b>you are not assigned yet</b>. <br>Below you find a list of the other people who registered in the order of the registration. <br>Please keep in mind that usually not all students participate so do not worry if you are on a waiting list place only."
uaWithdrawNote      = "If you decide to withdraw your registration you can press the following button. You can register later again but you will be added at the end of the list then."
uaWithdrawButtonText= "I am sure I want to withdraw my registration and free my place for another student."
lastRegistered      = "date of last registration"

; register.php
registerNote        = "Please fill out the fields below to register for the course."
thankYouForRegisteringNote = "Thank you for registering!"
desiredTeamPartner  = "Do you already know with whom you want to be on a team? Here you can name the one..."
reasonToParticipate = "For which reason do you think you are the right one to participate in the course? (Just provide one short sentence.)"
placesLeft          = "places left"
intendedDegree      = "Which program are you currently in? (Bachelor, Master, Diploma, ...)"
registerIPprefixViolationNote = "You can only register from within the university network. Either connect from a university network or use the VPN."
                                      ; This text is shown for users who's IP does not match the registerIPprefix.

; editConfig.php
setupLinkNote       = "If you created a new config the following link may be useful as it points to the config that belongs to the currently open config."
fileSelectNote      = "You are able to edit all files of this kind and save new ones.<br>To open a file select it from the select above. To save a new file change the file name left to the save button below the textfield."

;; names for the order by selector ********************************************************************
restrictTo          = "Restrict to "
searchFor           = "Search for "
orderBy             = "Order by "
team                = "team"
rights              = "rights"
title               = "title"
onlyInCollection    = "onlyInCollection?"
index               = "index"

orderPrelabFin      = "Order the users finished the prelab"

start               = "start" ; used in the sorter (manage schedules)
stop                = "stop"

;; manage users
foreName            = "foreName"
surName             = "surName"

;; field descriptors **********************************************************************************
; login.php
userName            = "userName"
passWord            = "password"
YouAreMemberOf      = "You are member of"

; sendMail.php
roundmail           = "roundmail"
labSupporter        = "supervisors"   ;; legend of the fieldset with the mailSupporters
otherUser           = "users"         ;; legend of the rest of the mailReceiver users
yourMail            = "your mail"
subject             = "subject"
message             = "message"
individualMails     = "Send an individual mail to each receiver."
mailViaBcc          = "Send Mail via BCC."
noCopy2Me           = "Do not send a copy of the mail to me."
copy2Me             = "Send me a report including the source of this mail."
noMailingIdentifier = "Do not prepend [courseID] to the mail subject line."

; uaMyData.php
eMail               = "eMail"
newPW               = "new password"
newPWreType         = "retype new password"
MailPWsent          = "An email with a new passwort is getting sent to your mail account now."

; uaManageUsers.php
lastChange          = "last change"   ;; timestamp of last change of the dataset in the user.db

; uaCreateUsers.php
mailaddressesNewUsr = "Paste your <b>CSV</b> and <b>insert the given table fields in your first header row at the right places!</b> You will get a preview after clicking the button once."

inputTitle          = "<b>Title</b> (e.g. the title of your element is used for the browser's caption.)"
inputMatchingMnu    = "<b>Matching menu</b> (Menu row with this text will be highlighted when page is shown [can be empty].<br />If you use menu shortcuts (e.g. !p1, !C2) this will become the menu entry.)"
inputContents       = "<b>Contents</b>"
inputContentsHtml   = "(if you want the <b>html elements</b> to be interpreted the first line must be <b>[HTML]</b>, for <b>MarkDown [MD]</b>)"
inputReplaceKeys    = "The following constants will be replaced by their current values when displaying the page:"

question            = "Question"
inputAnswers        = "Answers"
inputAnswerExpl     = "Why is this answer correct? (remarks shown with the result)"
isCorrect           = "is correct?"
doNotShuffleAnswers = "Do not shuffle the answers but show them in the order given here."
onlyOneAnswerPossible = "Users can only set one answer."
correctWhenNCorrectSelected = "The answer is considered correct if at least that many correct answers are checkmarked minus the amount of wrongly checkmarked answers."
reactionsEnable     = "Enable automatic reactions."
hintForClicked      = "Show ONLY hints for those elements the user clicked that are wrong."
hintForWrongClicked = "Show hints for all answers that are not correctly clicked."
reshowLastHint      = "Show last given hint again if no new hint is given for a wrongly clicked answer."
detailedCreditsEnable = "Enable detailed automated grading."
horizontalLayout    = "Show the answers horizontally."

inputExSolutionExpl = "The <b>example solution</b>. Here you should note down what you expect as answer so the markers know."
Credits             = "credits"

inputPreLab         = "PreLab"                  ;; l-edit field descriptor
inputLab            = "Lab"                     ;; l-edit field descriptor
inputIsCorrected    = "Correction of this question finished?"           ;; Explanation to the marker's checkbox.
metaData            = "meta data"               ;; Explanation on the edit field around the following meta data
authors             = "authors"
abstract            = "abstract"
exportImport        = "export/ import"          ;; Header for the fieldset about export/ import
uniqueID            = "unique ID"
uploadMaterial      = "files belonging to this lab" ;; Header for this l-edit fieldset
exportFollowingLabs = "Export the following labs..."
importFollowingLabs = "Import the following labs..."

scheduleFor         = "this schedule is currently controlling the visibility of the following learning element"   ;; legend on top of the selector
year                = "year"
month               = "month"
day                 = "day"
hour                = "hour"
minute              = "minute"
startDate           = "start date"        ;; legend on top of the start date set
stopDate            = "stop date"         ;; legend on top of the stop date set
currentValue        = "current value:"
comment             = "comment"

properties          = "properties"
visibility          = "visibility"
visOnlyInLab       = "will <b>only</b> be visible <b>inside</b> a <b>lab</b>"
visAlways           = "will be visible"
visibleFor          = "To <b>view</b> the page the user has to have set the following <b>rights</b>:"

saveAsNew           = "<b>Save</b> this element <b>as new</b> element."

schedule            = "schedule"  ;; schedule properties (visibleBefore1stSchedule, ...) fieldset legend title
visibleBef1stSched  = "will be visible <b>before</b> the first schedule..."
visibleDuringSched  = "will be visible <b>during</b> the schedule(s)..."
visibleAftr1stSched = "will be visible <b>after</b> the first schedule..."

;; buttons ********************************************************************************************
save                = "save"          ;; Text of any save button
load                = "load"
cancel              = "cancel"

; sendMail.php
checkAll            = "check all"
unCheckAll          = "uncheck all"

; history.php
back                = "back"

sendMail            = "send the mail..."

apply               = "apply"

giveAnswer          = "give answer..."
correct             = "mark"                 ;; button for corector
correctThoughNotClosed = "!closed, MARK anyways"

checkPrelab         = "check up if the prelab questions are answered correctly" ; label of the button...
closeLab            = "close the lab"
showAllUsersAnswers = "Answers of ALL USERS"
stopSeeingData      = "Stop seeing someones data." ;; below the user statistic page if the marker is viewing someones data
hideExampleSolutionInThisTab = "Hide example solutions"
exmpleSolutionHere  = "Open/ close the example solution here."
pseudoNames         = "Show pseudo names"
updateStatus        = "update status"
statusOfAllLabs     = "Click here to see the statistics of all labs."
;; used on the all lab overview page:
SwitchTo            = "Switch to"
StandardView        = "standard view"
CompactView         = "compact view"

;; legend strings *************************************************************************************
legend              = "Legend:"

reMapIconExplain    = "By clicking on this icon the respective user will be mapped to his current teams answers.<br />So if one wants to change the team, change his team at the user rights page and click on the remap icon. (Don't forget to update the status after remapping!)"
prelabAllnoFExplain = "The prelab is not finished by all teammembers."
prelabAllFinExplain = "The prelab is finished by all teammembers. So they are allowed to perform the lab."
labOpenExplain      = "The lab is still open. So the questions can be answered."
labScheduleOverExpl = "The schedule for this lab is over. Students cannot answer anymore." ; sent in mail to markers
labClosedExplain    = "The lab got closed. So it can be marked now."
labNoCorrExplain    = "The lab/ question is not marked yet."
labCorrExplain      = "The lab/ question marking is finished."

;; The standard error *********************************************************************************
;; you get if you want to access an element you do not have enough rights for:
TxtNotEnoughRights  = "You do <b>not have enough rights</b> to view this page!<br />&nbsp;Maybe you have to <a href='../pages/login.php?redirectTo=__CURRENT_URL__&amp;__LINKQUERY__'><b><u>login</u></b></a> first."
elNotFoundVisible   = "The requested element is not available! (non existing or not visible)"
doesNotExist        = "does not exist!"

;; if you call useradmin pages without config=useradmin
TxtNotConfigUA      = "This page can only be viewed if loaded with config=useradmin!"

;; tooltips (appear on mouseover) *********************************************************************
;; element menu's buttons (top tight)
explainLink2        = "Link to the element with added __LINKQUERY__"
explainView         = "User's view of the element..."
explainEdit         = "Edit this element..."
explainUnChanged    = "Please answer this question to get it checked..." ;; appears next to unanswered m-elements as alt text for the pen image
explainLink2epub    = "Here you can download the ePub version of your lab. The ePub will always contain the data you currently have access to."
explainPrintView    = "Show everything included in this element on one page..."
explainCreateNew    = "Create a new element of this type..."
explainManageElmnts = "Manage elements..."
explainDeleteElemnt = "Delete this element..."
explainViewStructure= "View the element's structure..."
explainHistory      = "This element's history..."
explainMailLink2    = "Mail a link to this element..."
explainSaveElement  = "Save the current Element..."
explainNext         = "next page [ctrl + alt + &rarr;]"
explainPrev         = "previous page [ctrl + alt + &larr;]"
explainTOC          = "table of contents... [ctrl + alt + &uarr;]"
explainTicket       = "Create a new support ticket for this element..."

exAllowedToAnswer   = "Is the user allowed to answer?"
exLabClosed         = "Did the user close the lab?"
exLabCorrected      = "Is the lab marked?"
reMapUsrTo          = "remap user to" ;; " USR->CURRTEAM" gets appended
corrected           = "marked?"    ;; as legend hover on the "which question marked" states (#q gets put before)

LockSetButForce     = "By clicking on the lock you can obtain the lock from input"

;; history messages (get into the history) ************************************************************
; a history entry is "[timestamp]: [user's name]{: [the following texts}}"
preLabAllTeamFin    = "- all teammates finished prelab -"
preLabUserFinished  = "- user finished prelab -"
labClosed           = "- lab closed -"
labClosedMailSent   = "- lab closed MAIL sent -"
labReOpened         = "- lab reopened -"
statusUpdated       = "- status updated -"

dataSetCreated      = "- created -"
closesInput         = "- closes input -"
reOpensInput        = "- reopens input -"
userReMapped        = "- user reMapped -"

;; additional texts ***********************************************************************************
;; l
inputs              = "inputs" ; AllLabInputs statistics on top "[17 inputs/ 60 credits]"

;; usr
unknown             = "unknown"

;; history.php
answerHistory       = "answer history" ;; put into headerrow of the answer history of m and i elements
historyOf           = "History of"
addHistory          = "Additional history"

;; viewPage
VisibleOnlyColl     = "Visible in &quot;c&quot; only."  ;; appears on top of an onlyVisInColl element for editors

;; confirm page
confirmDelete       = "Do you really want to delete this element?"  ;; Appears in the delete confirmation dialog.
yesIconfirm         = "Yes, Iam sure, do it!"
confirmSaveAs       = "Really save as"

;; custom error
thankFeedback       = "Thank you for your feedback!"
detailedFeedBack    = "We are eager to fix this problem. Could you provide some details? What did you do that caused the error to appear?"
submitErrorDetails  = "Press to submit your error details. Thanks!"

;; setup ******************************************************************************************
fieldName           = "directory" ; for legend in setup

;; ePub *******************************************************************************************
overview            = "Chapter Overview"  ;; Will be put into the table of contents and link to the TOC of the chapter
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